About the author and Defeating The Deficit.

Hello there!

Me and one of my dogs, Paisley

My name is Dayna and I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Although some aren’t convinced it is a real disorder, I can say first hand that it affects my daily life in ways I would rather it not.

When ADD began taking over my life, I decided to fight back by hiring a personal ADD life coach. Although ADD is debilitating sometimes, I have come to discover that it is a strength as well as a weakness.  A person with ADD / ADHD isn’t lazy, they definitely aren’t stupid, and they aren’t crazy either (okay, some are a little crazy, but it’s all in good fun!).

Those with ADD are actually quite creative, smart, and fun! The problem deals more with organizational skills, impulsiveness, and attention spans than IQ scores.

My goal for this site is to help others see that ADHD has strengths: creativity and ingenuity being the biggest, but to tap into the greatest of those strengths you must learn to cope with the negative aspects of ADD / ADHD.

I’m here to share my journey with you, share what works and what doesn’t, and offer hope and resources. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about ADD and the issues associated with it. I hope that you find my path to freedom helpful and hopeful.


  1. expatlogue says:

    I think your idea to get all this down in a blog is a great idea that will give hope, inspiration and a feeling of solidarity to other ADHD suffers. It will also help bring some awareness to those who misunderstand the problems facing people with ADHD. I heard a doctor say the other day that a person with untreated ADHD can be more dangerous than a drunk driver. It’s REAL and it’s a part of many peoples lives.

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