How to Be More Consistent With ADHD

Posted: June 12, 2012 in ADD, ADHD, Mental Health, Uncategorized
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Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m slacking.

I started this ADHD Coaching journey all gung-ho, and now this little engine is loosing steam. I need to be more consistent with my ADHD, and not dive in, wear out, and jump back out. 

So after a little brainstorming session, I discovered that there are definite coping skills I use to help me remember and be consistent with ADHD.

Here are a few things that have helped me be more consistent with ADHD. 

1. Use reminder apps. 

You know how that morning tone coming from your phone or your alarm clock can set you on edge? It works, right? You wake up and know it’s time to get up, so you do it and move on with your day. That’s how reminder apps work!

There are two i-Phone apps I really like on setting to-do alarms, “Due” and “Weave”.

“Due” works great at setting repetitive tasks like, “take your meds,” “write that blog post,” and “finish your lesson plans”. There are many options on the alarm setting with intervals of hours, days, or even weeks and months making it easy to remind yourself of important tasks in the future, like changing your oil. 
“Weave” is project oriented. This means that I can break a task down into bits (a skill that is crucial to us Attention Deficit kids) and set reminders by task piece, and not panic about the entire thing all at once. 

2. Being consistent with ADHD means “just do it”. 

How many times have I cried to the tune of, “I don’t wanna”?

My coach, Dana Rayburn, laughed when I told her this. “Make fun of yourself!” she said, “make it worse than it really is by saying it in a baby voice, ‘WAAA!!! I DON’T WWWWAAAANNNNAAA!!!”

I tried that, and found that I insulted myself by poking fun at my 2-year-old self-ego. So instead, I went back to the first thing she told me. I looked at myself in a mirror, said, “Self, you need to grow up. Just friggin do it.” 

It worked! I may have to let out some not-so-pretty words, but it is truly the best tool in my toolbox of consistency with ADHD!

3. Focus on one thing at a time. 

Those of us who understand Attention Deficit know that we focus on too many things at once, failing to finish one task because we start on another. By reminding yourself to “finish this first” you can prevent that distraction all-together. 

Also, remember to keep it simple. Don’t add complex tasks to your already growing to-do list. Do what you know needs to be done, and then think about the rest.

Watch for my next blog, which will talk about focusing on one thing at a time in more depth. 

Tell me, how do you stay on task? I want to hear from you!

  1. bipolarmuse says:

    This is great advice for everyone. I know I can certainly put this to practice myself. Thank you for this post. I am going to seriously have a talk with my 2 yr old ego… need to put her in check. 🙂

  2. jfay1995 says:

    Very good tips. And yes, it’s very tough to get kids to be under control. One thing at a time is great. People should learn to just work on one thing until completion. Although, i’m one to talk on that topic.

  3. Shera Cameron says:

    Does ADD come on with age? Also, there are sometimes when I HAVE to do two things at once and it is a big FAIL. I cannot drive and talk on the phone because I will miss my turn every time. I cannot have a conversation with the guy at the Starbucks drive In Window and still remember if I have paid him or not. I’m not sure if this is ADD, but whatever it is, I’ve got it.:)

  4. Citrus says:

    I like your blog because you are serving as a mentor to younger people with ADD and helping parents to understand what their ADD child is going through. For young ones, it is hard for them to put their experience into words. As well, it’s difficult for parents to understand when it is ADD and when their child is just being…a kid! Thank you for this blog. When it is hard for you to focus on writing your next piece, motivate yourself by knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to the lives of others. Hooray for you!

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