I was watching “Dancing With the Stars” tonight when it showed a beautiful girl from Africa.

It told her story of how she was adopted as a very sick girl and brought to America. As soon as she had healed she began to dance, and what a beautiful, talented dancer she was.

She came on and performed to Natasha Bedingfield‘s “Wild Horses”; a song that has resonated with me since the first time I heard it.

My eyes teared as I watched this young lady dance to the song. I feel the meaning deep into my soul and understand what it’s like to look on the world and wish for the freedom of a wild horse, racing the wind on a precipice under a tumultuous sky. 

I think those of us with ADD will always have this feeling; we’re so full of ideas and thoughts, dreams and desires that it is physically impossible for me to carry out everything I daydream up in a single day.

Some of those dreams will never be accomplished.

I doubt I will ever fly to the moon, as I told my 5th grade teacher I would. I also seriously doubt I will ever stand in front of millions and sing my heart out, as I used to try to convince my parents. Climbing Mt. Everest is out, as I dreamed earlier today, though I haven’t thrown out traversing across Italy as on Eat, Pray, Love. And I have yet to believe I won’t live in Colorado one day (my husband on the other hand…).

It’s these dreams that find me wanting to “run with the wild horses” because that is where my mind is.

The truth is all this is that I already am running with the wild horses. I’m home free every time I type, every time I take one step closer to learning how I work differently than people without ADD, and every time I learn something new.

So here’s to running with the wild horses, hope you enjoy the video…I wish I had one of the girl on Dancing With the Stars. Sorry it isn’t up yet!

If you haven’t considered coaching, check out Dana Rayburn. I love my coach, she has truly changed the way I look at ADD!


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