Monday, Shmunday!

Posted: April 2, 2012 in ADHD, Humor, Mental Health, Uncategorized
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The Most idiotic thing I did this week?

Sprayed myself with Pledge furniture polish thinking it was OFF! bug spray.


Isn’t ADD fun?

Share with me! What is something stupid you’ve done that is worth laughing at?

  1. If I start typing up every stupid thing I do in a day, not only will I not have time to sleep, it will make my blog redundant.
    And why is your husband number three on your list?

    • Aww… You should at least give us your FAVORITE stupid moment. 😉

      Forgive me, but I must have forgotten when and where I put hubs on spot number three… And the list. Inform me, please? Haha…

      • You love your dogs, some kind of food, and the hubby. But you put him last, which I assume is not anything personal, unless your dogs are really cute and the food is really good.
        My entire blog is filled with stupid…(and clever) things that I have done. And nobody does more or better stupid things than me. But I have to preserve a little of the mystery, to lure unsuspecting readers to my blog, where they become captivated by my ability to do stupid things. As an example, I will give you a hint…(Read the post I did about my best near-death experience story)… Not only is it about a breath-breathtakingly stupid thing I did that almost killed me, but it will show you why my stupid stories take a long time to tell.

      • Hint #2… It is titled ‘What a Way to Go’

  2. Gina says:

    While trying to batter fish recently instead of adding more flour I added sugar :/ Haha it made Daniel laugh though!

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