The Funny Things :D

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Humor, Mental Health
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If you don’t laugh about it, you’d cry. Right?

I feel that way all the time.

So I figured I’d write a post about some of the funniest things I’ve done that were caused by ADD.

My favorite story involves me taking my keys out if my purse to go to the bank. Then I had to drive the twenty miles back to work (where I placed my purse back in its little cubby hole before tromping to my car) to get my purse, an item I’m never without. Then I drive back to the bank, 40 miles round trip…

Another time I got all the way dressed and forgot to put on foundation before the usual eyeshadow, mascara, and blush. It took me nearly ten minutes to figure out why on earth my face was so pale.

Or how about how I forget to grab a towel every time I shower? You’d think I’d learn by now. My wonderfully, awesome, amazing, wonderful, super, great husband actually is so used to this lapse in judgement that he puts towels out for me every time I hop in the tub.

How has he learned and I haven’t?


That wonderful man! Thank God for people who know. What on earth would I do without him?

Drip dry?

  1. theresawiza says:

    As you know after reading my last post, just recently my ADD has cost me dearly. Can you imagine a reality show that showcased our many ADD moments? It would need no script; it would just be a camera following us around during our 24/7 distracting all-day-long moments. I like your funny spin on it. With the exception of this last occurrence, I find most of my ADD moments at first annoying, but later rather humorous. I’m hoping I can laugh at my missing money some day.

    • A reality show would think I’m both hilarious, and the biggest idiot they’ve ever met! Haha. And yes, I hope one day you can laugh at something like leaving your wallet on the roof of your car, but I think (like you) I would be completely upset at the mere thought of losing that sum of money. Therefor, I cringed with your story, because I do understand THAT feeling.

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