Growing Up

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Mental Health, pets
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Some of my best friends are my dogs. Paisley, above, is my most challenging furry child.

I honestly think she has the doggie version of ADD.

Most would never guess that Paisley here has been in basic training, beginners agility, sequencing agility, and rally obedience courses totaling more than 32 weeks of professional training!

While that training no doubt saved her life, there is still little to show for it. Though she has a perfect sit, a nice heal, and a calm demeanor, she STILL finds creative things to destroy in the house sometimes.

But one thing is really working, maturity. The older Paisley gets, the more calm and relaxed she becomes. She has settled down into a wonderful home companion. She will never make a Rally or Agility champion, but she may make a glorious therapy dog within the next couple of years.

Naturally, I won’t be stopping her training anytime soon, because she always has new skills to learn.

The moral of the story is simple. Though learning and training are always necessary, sometimes the greatest solution to a problem is simply growing up and being mature about it.

Thank you, Dana, for those words of wisdom!


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